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Admit it, creating cool, interactive Animations can be complicated and time consuming.
Animate quicker and more easily is for people with deadlines. It uses Greensock as the animation engine - the industry standard for HTML5 banners and animations.
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to test it!
We need
it's interactive
it's fun
it's lightweight
it's quick
Drag the Slider! Use the Spacebar to start/stop. and the arrow keys to move ..) »
This is a cool onetake music video made by Frokostfilm! It's shot with 4000 fps ...
most important
if you like
it's easy
Use video and sound
What Objects?
What does Anitool do?
  • No coding
  • For all types of stories: short or long, simple or complex
  • Create lots of interacitivity in an easy way
  • Runs smoothly on all devices, also smartphones
  • Online tool, no installation. Create on PC, Mac or Tablet
  • Responsive or fixed size (any size on the fly) result
  • SVG Morph and SVG Draw
  • Create one story for FREE (limited size).
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